Ride Seattle floating home ‘Permanent Wave’ for $435K

Not too big, not too small, this houseboat is juuuust right

Sometimes we see a Seattle floating home that’s a massive, two-story beast asking for millions. Other times we see a tiny live-aboard that just barely has enough room for you and your plant that’s asking five-figures. Permanent Wave, a 750 square-foot floating home docked at the southern edge of Wallingford seems to be a bit of a Goldilocks. The size and $435K asking price are just about right (or at least, within the average).

Step inside and find yourself in a cedar-sided home that takes full advantage of it’s limited space. All things considered that’s a good-sized kitchen full of stainless steel appliances, large fridge, and dishwasher. On one side you’ll find a home office that could easily become a turnkey bedroom if needed. On the other side the living room/dining room space that leads directly out to the deck with a beautiful view of Ship Canal Bridge.

The stairs leading up to the bedroom are an eye-catcher. It looks like they’re made from converted desktops or cabinets. From the south-facing bedroom deck, another great view that catches the Seattle skyline and even the Space Needle from over the neighboring houseboats.
· 2401 N Northlake Wy Unit L-7 [Estately]


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