Ten proposed Seattle football stadiums that were never built

Instead of CenturyLink Field in SoDo, the Seahawks could be playing in a floating stadium in Interbay or all the way down in Tukwila

The Seattle Seahawks return for the 2016-2017 NFL season on Sunday and when they do they’ll be hosting the Miami Dolphins at CenturyLink Field in SoDo.

It’s hard to think of a time before there was professional football in Seattle but it really wasn’t that long ago. 1976, in fact. Before that, Seattle had to figure out where to build a stadium worthy of a pro franchise and that was no small task. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Seattle Process?

It actually goes deeper than that. Seattle had it’s eye on a big stadium for decades and for various reasons, well-intentioned plans would often never materialize, get turned away by city and county officials, get rejected by voters, or perhaps a little bit of all three. The irony behind CenturyLink Field’s predecessor, The Kingdome, is that it actually got rejected before Seattle voters then rejected the “better” idea and we circled back. There’s something perfect about that result for both the stadium and the city.

So, check out the list below of our favorite potential football stadiums that didn’t come to be and try to picture what it would be like if the Seahawks called Interbay, Seattle Center, or Tukwila home right now. Your gametime commute would sure be a lot different, especially if we’d have gone with that floating dome.
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