12s Everywhere: Seattle named best NFL city for pregaming on gameday

As if there was any doubt

The 2016-2017 NFL season officially got underway on Thursday but the bulk of games will be played this Sunday, including the Seattle Seahawks’ season opener.

Redfin figured it was a good time to look at the best NFL cities for pregaming on gameday. In order to figure it out they looked at the stadium’s Walk Score, number of bars near the stadium, aggravated assaults in the city per 100,000 people, and fanbase rank according to sports analyst Mike Lewis. They jumbled up all the numbers and figured out that Seattle is the very best place to be before an NFL home game.

“The streets of Seattle are filled with the 12 and we’re out early and often to help gather strength and root on our team,” said Collin Horn, Redfin real estate agent in Seattle. “There’s a real sense of community on gameday. Many bars, restaurants and shops surround CenturyLink. You won’t find a louder venue; we often cause minor earthquakes with the stadium noise!”

In case you’re wondering, CenturyLink Field has a Walk Score of 83, they calculated 25 bars nearby (which seems low), they noted 340.36 aggravated assaults per 100,000 people, and Seahawks fans got a fanbase rank of 13 (which really seems low but we’re biased).

The Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints finished out the top five, in case you’re wondering who else has a good pregame scene. Just not one as good as Seattle…


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