Two-story Portage Bay floating home asks $945K

Park your boat at home and watch the geese float by from this Portage Bay floating home

The lot description says “secluded”, which is an interesting assertion for a floating home that sits within a neighborhood of floating homes. Maybe they’re referring to the lack of cars driving past the house. Instead, you get a changing parade of ducks, geese, gulls, kayaks, canoes, and SUPs. They’re all much quieter, one of the benefits of living on the lake.

The house is a floater, not something with a motor, and is a 2 bedroom, 1.75 bath two story that was built in 1977. Some of the architectural lines are reminders of the era; like the beamed ceilings, wood-framed windows, and turned porch pillars. Overall, though, it looks like a nicely maintained 1,258 square foot house that could just as easily be seen on a suburban lot – until you look outside.

Outside is a series of decks, docks, and balconies overlooking Portage Bay, a quiet body of water with lots of other floating homes, some creative architecture, and a neighbor called UW. Downtown Seattle is just around the corner. Lake Union and Lake Washington provide plenty of places to play. You might not even need a car if buses or bicycles can get you enough places.

The price is just under a million, $945,000 with an additional $480 per month for dues. One bonus that offsets the monthly dues is possibly being able to moor at home (boat and neighborhood specs and regulations allowing.)
· 1213 E Shelby St Unit 13 [Estately]


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